Why Write a Will?

Most people know the importance of making a Will, but for one reason or another never get around to it. Many people believe they do not need to make a Will because they do not have substantial savings or property. In fact, if you are worth more than £5,000, your assets will be frozen and no-one will be able to benefit from them until probate is granted – having a Will greatly speeds up and reduces the cost of this process.

If you do not have a Will, the government (through the Laws of Intestacy) will decide how your estate is divided when you die. Even if you are married, your surviving spouse may not inherit all of your assets, and if you have children, they automatically claim their share when they turn 18.

By writing a Will you can ensure your assets go to the people you want to leave them to and at an age you want them to receive it. If you are living as unmarried partners, the surviving partner may inherit nothing at all and your estate will default to your parents. This could have further Inheritance tax implications which could be avoided by writing a Will.

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