About Us

James McKenzie Ltd is a specialist Will Writing company, focusing primarily on providing Wills and related products to employees of large multinational companies.

We have been providing Will writing services since 2004 and have been in the employee benefit market since 2007. We currently offer our services to over 100 corporations from a wide range of business sectors including (but not limited to) finance, pharmaceutical, engineering and media.

Will writing should not be a daunting experience. We take a clear and logical approach, offering two distinct levels of service rather than a confusing table of options and fees. Every client situation is different, so within the two service levels, Wills are tailored to individual family and financial requirements. We work on a fixed fee basis, so irrespective of the time taken to complete the process or the number of clauses required in the Wills, there are no hidden extras.

As a company, we also offer Inheritance Tax advice (included as part of the Will writing service), Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs), Pilot (Spousal Bypass) Trusts, Storage Services and advice to Executors and Trustees. However, unlike many Solicitors and Will writers, we do not appoint ourselves as Executors, preferring our clients to appoint friends or family members instead, which can save thousands of pounds in unnecessary legal fees after death. Furthermore, all our consultants are trained by STEP qualified practitioners and are able to advise clients on the best ways to structure their Wills, LPAs & Trusts whilst limiting their exposure to Inheritance Tax.

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