Corporate Solutions

Over 300,000 people die without a valid Will each year, causing additional financial and emotional burdens on the loved ones left behind.

Companies offering their staff Will writing as a flexible or voluntary benefit show they care not only about the staff member, but their whole family.

Having Will writing as an employee benefit:

  • Gives the whole family protection, not just the employee
  • Ensures expression of wish for Death-in-Service is current
  • Employees are advised, rather than sold to
  • Recommended by HR, so peace of mind for the employee that the company is reputable

Flexible or Voluntary Benefit


  • Benefit paid from salary, rather than from the employees pocket
  • Fixed fee spread over twelve month period


  • Employee can take up benefit anytime throughout the year
  • Enables employers to offer their staff extra perks and services at little or no extra cost to the company

Why Use James McKenzie

  • Marketing communications and Client Booking Service provided by James McKenzie, ensuring HR’s work load for the promotion of the benefit is kept to a minimum
  • Educational seminars and road shows offered to employees
  • Professional & efficient service with employees met at their offices or homes
  • Inheritance tax advice offered to all clients
  • Advice given on all potential scenarios so the Will is as future proofed as possible
  • James McKenzie do not act as Executors, potentially saving family members unnecessary legal fees after death

What Are the Alternatives


  • No advice given causing more problems than not having a Will
  • Solicitors make more money out of correcting badly written Wills than writing Wills themselves
  • Many go un-opened – packs are bought and shelved without being looked at
  • Uncertainty as to whether they will do what they need to


  • Often not "free" at all – usually bank is appointed as Executor and may charge up to 5% of gross value of estate on death
  • Often very simple Wills which do not cater for all scenarios
  • If more complex scenario, additional fees are levied


  • Charges often vary depending on number of clauses, time spent, numbers of drafts prepared, etc
  • Like banks, often appoint themselves as Executors
  • Often not specifically trained in Will writing as they cover many areas of law