We offer two levels of service under our Will writing proposition – Standard and Advanced.

For many people, the prospect of writing a Will can be a daunting process.  This can be exacerbated when faced with multiple options and a hierarchy of fees as it can be difficult to know which option is right for your needs.  James McKenzie recognise this is often a reason people put off writing a Will, so to combat this have simplified our offering into two distinct services.

We work on a fixed fee basis, so irrespective of the time taken to complete the process, or the number of clauses required in the Wills, there are no hidden extras. Furthermore, we do not appoint ourselves as Executors which can you save thousands of pounds in unnecessary legal fees after death.

The Standard Service

The Standard Service includes the appointment of Executors, Trustees and Guardians, the distribution of assets through legacy gifts and residual beneficiaries, funeral wishes and generic inheritance tax advice.  This service is recommended for those who have a modest net worth and would like to leave all their assets outright to their surviving spouse/partner, children (in trust up to age 25) or other family and friends or charities.

The Advanced Service

The Advanced Service includes all the above with more complex trust structures and tax advice designed to give greater protection over your assets for your beneficiaries. This service is suitable in a variety of circumstances, especially for those who wish to protect their assets for their children against a future re-marriage, for those with a larger estate, or for those with children from more than one relationship.


We do not offer probate services as we feel there is a conflict of interest for us to write a Will, only then to appoint ourselves and charge your estate further fees on death. We are more than happy to give free guidance in this matter and can recommend companies who will be able to undertake this work, should it be required.